How to travel when you have full time job

How to travel when you have full time job

Traveling is one of the greatest things in this world. It takes you to a different place, allows you to experience new food, different cultures and meet new people. It liberates you from your daily activities and allows you to recharge your body and mind to get back to work, refreshed and full of energy. However, one of the most recurring problems when traveling is the lack of time to travel when you have a full time job.

There are several ways to travel as much as you want even with a full-time job. Don’t believe me? Listed below are some of the ways you can fulfill your desires to travel and keep your full-time job .

Save Up Vacation Days

People want to enjoy their trips without having to rush back to work. This is why saving up your vacation days is the best way to travel when you have a full-time job. Most companies allocate a certain number of paid vacation days to their employees. Instead of wasting them on random days or when you don’t feel like going to work, keep them intact and use them to travel. Go on a week or two-week long vacation trip somewhere far away from your home. Use them to visit places that require an extended period to visit and that you always dreamed to go. By doing so, you are sure to return home fully energized and ready to get back to work.

Use Business Trips

Most jobs do not really require business trips but if such a situation does arise, be the first to volunteer. For some people, this may seem like an extra load of work because it means you have to travel somewhere else to work and have to spend time away from your family. But it also opens up an opportunity for you to travel. Most business trips are scheduled for a few days, so try get your work done and use your free time to discover the city you are at.  Sometimes, you can even ask to stay back a day or two to enjoy fully of this new place.


Most of the time when renewing an employment contract or when the annual salary review comes up, people ask for a raise. If you are truly interested in traveling, instead of asking for a raise, you can ask for a few extra paid vacation leave. Remember, if money is not an issue, since you have a full time job,  why not increase your vacation days?  If the company does not facilitate paid holidays then you can negotiate for unpaid holidays. Either way, securing more day offs will ultimately allow you to travel more without having to quit your full-time job.

Use weekends and holidays

If you are one of those people, for whom asking for an extended period of paid holidays is impossible,  then this might be a good solution. Not being able to have long vacations does not mean you can not travel. You can try making plans around holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving or use your weekends for short travels. You do not always have to fly across the continent to visit new and amazing places. I am sure there are wonderful sites worth visiting near your hometown which can be easily reached within the weekends.

Ask for remote work

Nowadays several companies encourage remote work, which means that you can work while being somewhere else. This is a great solution if you want to experience a little bit more about the culture of the country you are in. Just negotiate with your boss for a few weeks of remote work and go to that place you always dreamed of going. Of course this solution does not apply to everyone but for some of you it can be a great option.

The world is a beautiful place and traveling will open you up to new experiences that will definitely make you richer. If traveling has always being your dram but for some reason quitting your job was not a solution, I hope this article was of  help. Remember, all that money that you make is of no use if you can’t do what you always dream to do with it.

How do you manage traveling with your full-time job? Comment bellow 🙂



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  1. This has always been the irony of life. When we work, we have the money but no time to travel and when we quit, we have all the time but no money 🙂 this information helps travel when we have a full time job which is great! Also, love the photos. 🙂

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