What is like to stay in a Cave Hotel in Kapadokya

What is like to stay in a Cave Hotel in Kapadokya

If you came across some Kapadokya photos, then you know that it has one of the most unique landscapes on earth. The landscape is so unique that it might feel like a scenery of Mars, or the Star Wars movie. And in this post I will tell you about the unique experience of how is like to stay in a cave hotel in Kapadokya.

How the Kapadokya landscape was formed

This fairy tale landscape consisting of cones, pillars, mushrooms, chimneys and pinnacles was created millions of years ago as thick ash solifyed into a soft rock called tuff and an erosion process took place. Kapdokya sat in the boundaries of enemy empires first the Persians and Greeks and later other rivals of the Byzantine empire. The necessity of hiding places and the need of a warm place during winter and a cool place during the summer days made Kapadokya’s landscape ideal. In addition, the soft rock formations made it easier for the first inhabitants to rapidly create living rooms, worship places and stables.

Kapadokya is rich in history, and nowadays you can be offered a truly unique experience since many of these caves have been turned into hotels, offering tourists with an exceptional hospitality experience.

So, how is like to stay in a cave hotel…

In the town of Göreme, there are many cave hotels offering various ranges of accommodation. I chose to stay in the Kelebek Cave Hotel, after searching many options, watching pictures and reading tons of reviews. The first thing that impressed me about this hotel was the amazing view it had of the Göreme town. The rooms looked very comfortable and past customers rated it as an amazing hotel.

stay in cave hotel 2

The hotel let me chose which room I wanted to stay in, and since I was afraid of feeling a little claustrophobic I decided that the best option was a junior suite. After visiting the hotel website, I decided that room 18, or as they called it Pigeon House was the perfect one for me.

My first impression was great. The room was amazing, and had the perfect location, in between the hamman and the hotel pool. The room decoration was in a vintage style with amazing Turkish carpets on the floors, wooden doors, a dressing table and a sitting area near a chimney. As I was discovering the room my first thought was “too bad it is summer” since I love to sit next to a warm chimney.

A little more on Kelebek cave Hotel…

After I settled on my room, the reception staff gave me a hotel tour. Actually the hotel was much bigger than I expected it to be. As I was walking by, I noticed that the best views of the Göreme town were from the pool area terrace and the bar terrace. They also helped by explaining me how to do the different hiking routes in Kapadokya, a balloon flight reservation etc. This hotel was truly amazing and since pictures are worth more than a thousand words here I leave you some:

I believe that what sets Kelebek Cave Hotel apart from other hotels is the helpfulness and friendliness of everyone that worked here. I wanted to hike in the Red Valley, the Rose Valley and then to Pasabag and they gave us a ride at non cost to the place I was supposed to start the hike. They also sat with me for about half an hour to explain me the map and how to get from valley to valley.

Finally, I would like to clarify that this is not a sponsored post but I wrote it to describe the unique experience of staying in a cave hotel. It was truly a unique experience, and I would love to be back some time to watch all those amazing landscapes again but during winter time.

Have you stayed in a Cave Hotel in Kapadokya? Tell us your Experience…

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  1. Uau! Great hotel! Did not know you could sleep there! Its on my bucket list now! And yes, its always the small kindnesses that make a difference. Love that it was not sponsored, but a spontaneous post. Thanks for the tip!

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  3. Love the rustic feel of the cave hotel. It looks amazing and a different experience altogether.

  4. I have always wanted to stay there! I get a little claustrophobic too I’m glad they let you choose a room 🙂

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